DarshanTalks.com interviews Dr. Koepsell on how EncrypGen has changed how life sciences and emerging technologies work together. Youtube link provided [HERE].

Highlights at a glance:

  • IndyGeneUS.ai may deliver “hundreds of thousands” of genetic profiles to EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain, not just the 19,000 as originally proposed!

In The Media This Month:

EncrypGen and CoinMetro both had their humble beginnings in 2017. That was a time when the average individual still had little idea what a cryptocurrency or DeFi was, nevermind institutional investors and money managers. Both Dr. David Koepsell of EncrypGen and Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro have been through the trenches of the crypto ecosystem. They not only survived, but thrived, and as fate would have it, have now come together to form a symbiotic business relationship.

A Little About CoinMetro’s Founder

Room for two: EncrypGen has signed an MOU with New Zealand based Theranostics, just a couple months after signing a deal with IndyGeneUS.ai. Both companies will provide genomic data for EncrypGen’s decentralized genomics marketplace, and in return, participants will be compensated for scientific inquiries to their DNA.

Highlights at a glance:

  • ***EncrypGen signs another MOU with a new company to load more DNA data into EncrypGen’s genomics marketplace!*** The MOU is with Theranostics of New Zealand. More details to come in the coming weeks!

David Koepsell, CEO and co-founder of EncrypGen, gives a monthly AMA on YouTube. [Link HERE]

Highlights at a glance:

  • It is expected that the African DNA from IndyGeneUS.ai will start landing on the Gene-Chain somewhere around Q3 or Q4 of 2021. Dates are fluid.

In the media this month:

EncrypGen Raises $200K+ on CoinMetro!

EncrypGen successfully raised just over $200,000 USD on the CoinMetro Bond Sale.

This month was another exciting, and exceptional step towards bringing EncrypGen within arm’s reach to realizing true commercial viability.

As has been discussed in the Officially Endorsed Telegram channel, these funds will be allocated to acquire customer DNA data through various marketing channels.

If the average cost of customer data acquisition is around $20 USD, then *theoretically* that could lead to a customer data set of over 10,000 DNA profiles!

With that data set of 10,000 DNA profiles sitting on the GeneChain, this scientifically valuable data set starts to become of greater and greater significance to researchers and pharmaceutical companies…

A snippet from the pivotal new partnership with IndyGeneUS.AI that will help EncrypGen reach critical mass with their scientific data sets

AMA with Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro.com

The new-and-improved $DNA token is now trading on CoinMetro!

As Dr. Koepsell noted in his recent blog post, The Big $DNA Token Swap, everything has gone off without a hitch and the new ERC-20 token is live and trading on CoinMetro.

The newer ERC-20 token has some enhanced security and governance features that also make it compatible with CoinMetro’s platform. Kevin Murcko will be hosting a post-swap AMA with David Koepsell in the coming days to discuss more about the process and answer any questions surrounding the swap.

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain also went through some re-engineering to accommodate and play nicely with the new token.

Etherscan.io has already posted the…

The whole of our world continues to endure the exhaustion of lock-downs and isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic slow-downs, and rising unemployment everywhere.

Still, the world of genomic science, decentralized finance, tokenization, and digital transformation is not just hopeful, but pushing forward at break-neck speed. Out in the open, behind closed garage doors, and in the less-traveled nooks of the internet there exists countless numbers of brilliant teams and solopreneurs working tirelessly to build out and encode their visions, which will one day, become the architecture of our future digital world.

For those with their ear to the ground…


To all of our newest members, welcome!

We’re glad to have you here. This forum is a PRIVATE and PROFESSIONAL space to share information about EncrypGen.

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$ Trading $

It’s exciting to see where $DNA may…

In addition to EncrypGen’s 2017 Thanksgiving Update, this is a special access for all those individuals that have been following the Gene-Chain closely.

Without much ado, here are some insider pictures exclusive to our official Reddit channel.

Registering is a very similar process to most online accounts


EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.

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