April 2021: EncrypGen Progress Report

DarshanTalks.com interviews Dr. Koepsell on how EncrypGen has changed how life sciences and emerging technologies work together. Youtube link provided [HERE].

Highlights at a glance:

In The Media This Month:

EncrypGen being featured in a new Forbes article by Crypto & Blockchain contributor, Stewart Southey. Link to article post [HERE]

Here are the links to where EncrypGen and Dr.Koepsell showed up in the media for the month of April.

If we missed something here, please post it to the Officially Endorsed EncrypGen Telegram, so we can add it!

April 23: Youtube AMA with Dr. Koepsell Highlights

Dr. Koepsell giving a monthly AMA to answer everyone’s questions, and bring the whole EncrypGen community up-to-date.
  • The current Gene-Chain portal and back-end system is still undergoing a revamp to incorporate new features to wallets and the marketplace. All of this work is expected be done around mid-May.
  • Working to get more press — this gives the ability to get the EncrypGen name out there. Lots of media engagements including a Top-3 websites in medicine interview, as well as a Forbes piece.
  • Continued consolidation of big genomics testing companies by wall street firms. They have all essentially removed the consumer from the monetization equation. EncrypGen now seems to be the only remaining repository for DNA that shares the majority of profit with the users.
  • The STO bond sale from CoinMetro will help enable the acquisition of a scientifically useful amount of DNA users. Those funds will be used for the commitment to continue to grow the GeneChain user base.
  • IndyGeneUS is moving very quickly. The founder and CEO, Yousuf Henriques has quickly established a foothold in Kenya, and they apparently have some excellent deals being worked on! Rather than just 19,000 genetic data sets, there’s now expected to be “hundreds of thousands” of data sets arriving onto EncrypGen’s GeneChain. WOW! IndyGeneUS is working with governments and universities, as well as working on purchasing the scientific hardware for sequencing in Kenya. David is quite pleased with how that partnership is working.
  • Dr. Koepsell is also apparently working on a product for creating unique art out of genomes on the Gene-Chain. In the future, this may be sold as a product on the website.
  • How much growth over the next 2 years? Nothing outrageous about reaching for 1% of the 50,000,000 genetic data sets that are out there. 5 million data sets over the next couple years would be remarkable. Dr. Koepsell is focusing on acheivable goals, reaching anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 genetic data sets on the GeneChain. 2023, here we come!
  • We are still at the cusp of growth. We are at the very beginning of EncrypGen’s growth cycle. This is expected to change dramatically not just this year, but over the next 2 years.
  • Click here to watch the entire EncrypGen AMA with Dr. Koepsell, where much more information is covered.

Bits and Bytes:

April 25th was National DNA Day! This is always an excellent opportunity to get the word out for EncrypGen and showcase its value!

The Cardano Catalyst program ends May 5th. (Although the timeline has been moved a couple times) They are evaluating a proposal from Dr. Koepsell to create a parallel Cardano version of $DNA. The Cardano Community Advisors will be voting on 134 different proposals.

Regardless of Catalyst vote outcome, the proposal has received great feedback and lots of exposure, so this is a win-win. It’s actually a really cool look into how large projects are able to adopt new technologies that are aligned with their own goals. The result will be posted on the Officially Endorsed Telegram Channel.

The consolidation of large genetic testing companies continues on. MyHeritage has now been acquired by SanFrancisco Partners. You can read the article here.

This consolidation of genomic and genetic data is also talked about in Stewart Southey’s Forbes article, The Great Wall Street Genome Gold Rush.

Looking Forward to May!

There’s always lots happening with EncrypGen, but as summer approaches, hopefully there will be some very exciting updates to share regarding EncrypGen’s partners in Africa. You’ll find it all here!

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy!

EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.

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