$DNA token swap was a success!

The new-and-improved $DNA token is now trading on CoinMetro!

As Dr. Koepsell noted in his recent blog post, The Big $DNA Token Swap, everything has gone off without a hitch and the new ERC-20 token is live and trading on CoinMetro.

The newer ERC-20 token has some enhanced security and governance features that also make it compatible with CoinMetro’s platform. Kevin Murcko will be hosting a post-swap AMA with David Koepsell in the coming days to discuss more about the process and answer any questions surrounding the swap.

EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain also went through some re-engineering to accommodate and play nicely with the new token.

Etherscan.io has already posted the new address for the new $DNA token, and has all new transactions since the successful swap.

Uniswap already has trading with the new $DNA token, but as always, these changes are slow to show up on market metric sites such as CoinGecko and CMC.

Sushiswap still has yet to add the pair at the time of this writing.

The cost of decentralized exchanges are considerably more expensive than centralized exchanges due to the price of Ethereum sky-rocketing. This will most likely change in time, as the DEX market is still innovating and evolving in its early days.

At the time of writing, Ethereum was $1800 USD per coin, with gas fees reaching painful levels as seen above.

As market metric sites verify details of the swap and work their magic for adding DNA’s market cap, DEXes, and other details, this will surely bring more visibility to EncrypGen’s market and vision.

With a great, low-fee centralized exchange in place, and other markets to follow, $DNA is back on track for a pivotal year. The pieces are falling into place, and EncrypGen will continue on its journey.

EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.