EncrypGen is heading for the CoinMetro exchange!

EncrypGen and CoinMetro both had their humble beginnings in 2017. That was a time when the average individual still had little idea what a cryptocurrency or DeFi was, nevermind institutional investors and money managers. Both Dr. David Koepsell of EncrypGen and Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro have been through the trenches of the crypto ecosystem. They not only survived, but thrived, and as fate would have it, have now come together to form a symbiotic business relationship.

A Little About CoinMetro’s Founder

CoinMetro, as previously mentioned, is headed by Kevin Murcko. With a history in traditional finance, Kevin is also the successful founder of FXPIG, which positions itself as bringing honesty into the Forex market. Users there can trade over 200 different financial products on FXPIG that are available to almost 100 different countries, along with extremely low commission fees. Kevin is also a founding member of the European Crypto Association, as well as a speaker at previous CryptoFin Conferences.

Kevin also hosts a really interesting weekly chat on YouTube, called This Week In Crypto. His musings cover the crypto world in general to what’s happening with his CoinMetro exchange, and answering audience questions in real time. I highly suggest you give those videos a watch. His honest, straight-forward approach, is strikingly similar to that of Dr. Koepsell. Like attracts like. Both founders know that dealing with other people’s money, whether in traditional finance, or DeFi, means being honest and up-front about the ups and downs. This is what sets EncrypGen and CoinMetro apart in a space that has seen numerous exit-scams and thefts; They’re in it to gain our trust and build real long-term business.

The Train Is Leaving The Station

CoinMetro grew an astounding 20x during 2020, as described on their company blog! Wait, you ask, wasn’t there a global pandemic and bear market conditions for cryptocurrencies in 2020? Apparently not for CoinMetro.

Aside from giving the CoinMetro platform multiple face-lifts and upgrades, their team has also expanded during the pandemic. They’re a fully licensed and regulated on-ramp for fiat money that, as of writing, welcomes USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD for investors and traders alike. Accepted payment methods also include ACH, SWIFT, WIRE, SEPA, UKFASTER, Visa & Mastercard. CoinMetro’s Alexa page ranking shows impressive daily engagement.

More 24-hour stats for CoinMetro can be found here at Coingecko.

CoinMetro also has a really innovative product called the STO market. In fact, it’s the first end-to-end digital securities marketplace in Europe. This is important in allowing equal and fair access to markets for average individuals, rather than just high-net-wealth individuals.

The core of CoinMetro is the XCM token. Their website states:

At the core of CoinMetro is our platform token XCM. All of our fees are transacted in XCM, parts of it are vaulted and locking XCM pays you rebates.

This year we’ve increased the liquidity of our token and the trading volumes of XCM have also skyrocketed. In addition to this over 5M XCM has been locked, removing it from the supply.
We have support from our resident crypto whales and they have big plans for XCM in 2021.

We are planning to introduce XCM staking in the upcoming year as well. 2021 will be the year of XCM so make sure to fill your bags early.

Go For A Ride On The CoinMetro

Metros are safe, efficient, and they take you where you want to go. You get on and off when you want.

CoinMetro does all of this and more. No more “investment professional” taking a huge slice of your hard-earned money for themselves. Whether you want to invest in Bitcoin, or want to invest in that gem of a cryptocurrency at rock-bottom price, you can trust CoinMetro to get you there.

CoinMetro is certainly moving crypto forward, and EncrypGen is very pleased to be added to their ever-expanding roster of hand-picked cryptocurrencies.

DNA is the official EncrypGen token

When EncrypGen’s DNA token is added, the market pair will be added [HERE].

What are you waiting for? Sign up to CoinMetro today!

EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.