February 2021: EncrypGen Progress Report

AMA with Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro.com

This was an entertaining and educational AMA session with the CEO of CoinMetro! You can watch the video [HERE].

Dr. Koepsell and Kevin talked about how EncrypGen is taking part in the #DeSci movement by improving genomic privacy and helping individuals secure sovereignty over their own DNA, instead of enriching corporations that provide genetic tests and then sell customer’s DNA to third parties for profit.

They talked about everything from EncrypGen’s business fundamentals, to the new website being developed and hopefully going live in a few weeks, to the EncrypGen bond sale at CoinMetro. They also answered many audience questions in-depth about several different subjects and really filled in any missing information for viewers. It was a really great AMA!

CoinMetro Bond Sale

As was talked about in the AMA with Kevin Murcko, EncrypGen is currently in a growth phase of data acquisition onto the Gene-Chain.

The bond sale will directly help EncrypGen acquire that genomic data at a known cost.

As of February 28th, the bond sale has raised $59,904 USD, which is really amazing! There are 219 investors, which shows massive trust in both CoinMetro’s STO platform, and EncrypGen’s business plan.

The Pivotal IndyGeneUS + EncrypGen partnership!

The official release of the formal partnership between IndyGeneUS and EncrypGen took place on Feb 18, 2021.

The document can be downloaded [HERE] for quick reference.

This partnership, and the 18,000+ genomic data sets that will be sent to EncrypGen’s Gene-Chain will greatly speed up the the economic and scientific viability of EncrypGen as a genomic data marketplace.

The magnitude of this partnership should not be underestimated, as it may result in future data set acquisitions. Gaining access to the African diaspora for genomic data is not only extremely valuable, but it’s also valuable to African individuals to benefit economically when their data is purchased. This symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship may very well serve as a model for future genomic data partnerships.

You can learn more about IndyGeneUS through their website [HERE].

You can follow IndyGeneUS on Twitter [HERE].

You can also check out Yusuf’s Linked-In page [HERE].

Making Genomes fun & beautiful

A little interesting side-note, at the 46-minute mark of the YouTube AMA referenced at the top of this article, David talked about making DNA into art, and that this may become a fun product that can be purchased in the future.

We will keep an eye out for developments here.

Wrapping Up

February’s Progress Report has shaped up to be a pivotal month for a game-changing partnership for genomic data acquisition. We’re now looking forward to March for the bond sale finish line, as well as new developments and business progress that is making 2021 a watershed moment for EncrypGen.

We hope you’ll tune in at the end of March for our next monthly report.

EncrypGen’s Website [HERE]

EncrypGen’s Twitter [HERE]

Telegram Discussion [HERE]



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EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.