May 2021: EncrypGen Progress Report

David Koepsell, CEO and co-founder of EncrypGen, gives a monthly AMA on YouTube. [Link HERE]

Highlights at a glance:

  • It is expected that the African DNA from will start landing on the Gene-Chain somewhere around Q3 or Q4 of 2021. Dates are fluid.

In the media this month:

Here are the links to where EncrypGen and Dr. Koepsell showed up in the media for the month of May.

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May 28: YouTube AMA with Dr. Koepsell Highlights

  • The Gene-Chain platform updates are finishing up. David provides a detailed description of the nuts and bolts of what had to get tweaked and tested on the back-end of the Gene-Chain portal. There were also some security concerns that were addressed.

Bits and Bytes:

INTERPOL has unveiled a global database to identify missing persons through family DNA.

Time will tell how responsible INTERPOL is in using the data, and if the data might be misused by law enforcement. Either way, it is hoped that this database will help grieving families of missing individuals in all 194 participating countries.

Maryland and Montana have passed new laws restricting forensic genealogy, which was the technique used to trace the Golden State Killer. This new law is supposed to protect the privacy of suspects and their families.

A team of international scientists says it has sequenced the entire human genome, except this time, including all of the missing information that was missed in the first sequence twenty years ago. This new detail of the human genome may help researchers develop new machinery to better understand the human genome, and all the deceases that interact with DNA.

On the computing front, engineers and scientists are hard at work developing the components of DNA storage that can read and write to DNA to create new high-density forms of electronic storage. For instance, imagine all of Facebook’s billions of profile pages fitting on half a poppy seed. This development will take a lot of time, and a lot of money.

There’s never been a better time for EncrypGen

Don’t let healthy market corrections fool you. What’s happening in the broader crypto market is part of the maturation process of a proof-of-concept technology.

As Steve Jobs remarked, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Jeff Bezos has the same sentiment, “All ‘overnight success’ takes about 10 years.”

With Dr. Koepsell and Dr. Gonzalez within arm’s reach of a scientifically viable genomic data marketplace, there’s never been a better time for EncrypGen!

EncrypGen will revolutionize the sharing of genetic data between scientists, labs, and citizens by utilizing blockchain technology.